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The Best Lawn Care Services of 2023

Maintaining your lawn requires a lot of skill, time, and effort. If you cannot give your property the attention it deserves due to work or family commitments, consider using a professional and local lawn care service. Finding the exemplary yard care service for your yard, your garden, and your garden can be difficult and time-consuming.

Instead of spending hours browsing Craigslist or gambling on random internet results, use Handy, a quick, convenient, and cost-effective alternative. Through Handy, thousands of customers have been connected with yard and lawn care services. While we have many members, we keep things local, connecting locals with professionals.

What are the Best Lawn Care Services?

The following details should be considered when choosing the best lawn care service:

  • Type of Service: Several lawn care companies provide comprehensive treatment and maintenance services, sending out professional crews. However, a DIY subscription service may be worth considering if you enjoy caring for your lawn. However, you will still be responsible for determining which treatment to use on your lawn.
  • Reputation: An organization’s reputation and standing in the industry significantly determine your level of trust. To choose a company’s reliability, professionalism, and expertise, check the company’s history as well as expert reviews.
  • Scheduling: It varies from lawn care company to lawn care company when they visit your home. Choose a lawn care company that offers visits at times convenient for you. It depends on your lawn care provider whether they visit frequently or a few times during the season. Understanding how subscription services work and their required timing is also essential.
  • Cost: We recommend getting several quotes before making a final decision. To avoid auto-renewal concerns, you should also ask how billing is handled.
  • Training and Experience: The training process that TruGreen’s specialists go through is advertised as one of the most intensive programs in the industry. This is something to remember if you want to hire more experienced lawn care specialists over newcomers.
  • Guarantee: You don’t want to spend money on professional lawn care only to end up disappointed with the results. Your lawn care company should guarantee they will return at no additional charge to re-treat if necessary. It would help if you always read the fine print of the lawn care provider’s guarantee to ensure it covers your specific situation.

How Much Do Lawn Care Services Cost?

According to our research, the average lawn care service costs between $100 and $200 a month. More significant properties and several treatments, such as aeration, will increase the price of your lawn care plan. Consider DIY lawn care options such as Sunday to save money.

What Is Lawn Care Service Right for You?

It’s easier to keep your lawn looking great with professional lawn care or a subscription program. Consider hiring a professional if your property requires customized care or you need more time to care for it regularly. With TruGreen, you can customize your plan across the most expansive region. Additionally, the company has a convenient online chat feature and a mobile app, making getting customer service easy. Click Here

Through a subscription service, Sunday sends lawn care kits developed by experts with nutrient-packed ingredients. Getting multiple lawn care quotes is always a good idea to help determine which one is best for you, depending on the type of lawn care you need.

Organic and Other Alternative Lawn Care Services

Many lawn care companies offer organic options to customers who want organic fertilizers, slow-release fertilizers, and little or no weed and pest treatments. You should pay particular attention to how weeds will be managed, if at all. It’s not uncommon for companies to use standard weed control products to control crabgrass and broadleaf weeds for customers who cannot tolerate these weedy plants.

Although a few organic weed control products are available, most are very expensive and marginally effective. The same holds for insect pests, for which few organic insecticides and biological controls are available. Using them is much more costly than using traditional insecticides if they are available. A lawn care company may sometimes plant insect-resistant turfgrasses to repair damage caused by insect pests.

There are Many Benefits of Hiring One Lawn Care Company

In most cases, a lawn care company that only offers essential services like lawn mowing and edging cannot provide additional services. For instance, the company might not offer tree trimming or fertilizer to help plants grow. You’ll have to contact another company for any other lawn maintenance concerns.

Our company offers full-service lawn maintenance, so you only need one company to manage your entire property. We provide more than just lawn mowing. The following are a few additional benefits of hiring a lawn care company that does everything:

  • Expertise: You can entrust our team with assessing your lawn quickly and determining its exact needs based on our extensive landscaping experience.
  • Tools and Equipment: Rather than buying lawn care equipment like mowers, trimmers, aeration equipment, and fertilizer, hire a full-service maintenance company. The tools we need to maintain your property are all at our disposal.
  • Free Time: Giving your yard the attention it deserves takes time. You can enjoy your free time without sacrificing lawn care if you hire a full-service company.

Why Are Lawn Maintenance Services Important?

A lawn requires a lot of work and effort to keep it looking good, but it is worth it. An attractive lawn enhances the neighborhood and speaks volumes about the property owner.

Proper lawn maintenance is also essential for the following reasons:

  • Enhances curb appeal.
  • Controls weeds and pests.
  • It helps keep your lawn disease-free.
  • Its Makes your outdoor living space safer and more comfortable for you, your family, and your pets.
  • It improves the appearance of the neighborhood.
  • It’s good for the environment (it’s like a natural air cleaner!).
  • It helps prevent future issues.

However, some homeowners may need more time and energy to maintain their lawns properly. Not just your lawn suffers when neglected, but your whole landscape. Let The Grounds Guys team take care of your yard if it is out of control. To maintain the appearance of your home all year long, we also offer spring and fall cleaning services.

Common Lawn Diseases

Factors such as dull mower blades and a poor irrigation system can damage your lawn. Maintaining your lawn with The Grounds Guys can prevent lawn diseases from ruining the appearance of your property. Our equipment is safe, reliable, and maintained daily, so you won’t have to worry about dull mower blades damaging your lawn. We can also ensure your property and the rest of your landscaping are getting the right amount of water by repairing poor irrigation systems and fixing drainage issues.

We can treat the following lawn diseases:

  • Brown patch
  • Dollar spot
  • Pink snow mold
  • Red thread

It is possible to prevent common lawn diseases from taking over your lawn with regular lawn maintenance service. Would you like to learn more? Let our lawn care experts help you determine what your lawn needs.

How Long Will The Lawn Maintenance Service Take?

Depending on the type of lawn, there are different needs. Maintaining a property requires time, but several factors influence its length. A large yard, for instance, may require more maintenance time and effort. Mowing your lawn weekly can keep it healthy and looking good during the growing season. Depending on how clean your lawn is, it may take longer to service it. You can receive an accurate assessment of your lawn care needs during your initial consultation with The Grounds Guys, your local experts in lawn care and maintenance.

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