Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Motorcycle Accident Lawyer: How To Choose The Best

Riding a motorcycle leaves you completely exposed. The more serious your injuries are following an accident, the more likely they will be permanent. In an accident, motorcyclists have 29 times the risk of dying as passengers in a car. You should have the proper medical and legal team if you are involved in a motorcycle accident. It is here that a motorcycle accident lawyer can be of great assistance.

Finding the Best Motorcycle Accident Lawyers

All types of personal injury attorneys are available in your town. Advertisements are everywhere, and you may feel overwhelmed by the number of choices. Considering these key factors, ensure you get the right accident attorney.

Get a Referral

Your network is the best place to start. The chances are good that you know someone else who rides and has been involved in an accident. Check out who they used and whether or not they would recommend them. Knowing they have helped a friend or family member in a similar situation, you can find someone you can trust.

Ask About Motorcycle Accident Experience

Personal injury attorneys come in wide varieties, so don’t assume that an auto accident lawyer has the needed experience if you have been injured in a motorcycle accident. Ensure the person you hire is experienced in dealing with motorcycle accidents. The number of motorcycle cases they’ve handled in the past year should be specifically asked. Having an attorney who understands motorcycle accidents will give you peace of mind. By knowing these facts, you are in a better position to negotiate a settlement.

Review Their Track Record

Find out how the lawyer has handled motorcycle cases. Ideally, you would like to know how many points were settled and how many were lost. You’re looking for someone who can pay most of their chances for a reasonable sum. Be sure to ask about their courtroom history when you inquire about their account. Some lawyers specialize in out-of-court settlements, but you’ll need a good litigator if your case doesn’t settle.

Works on Contingency Fees

A personal injury attorney generally receives a share of your settlement on a contingency basis. It would help if you did not have to pay out of pocket to hire an attorney and have them work on your behalf. The average industry fee ranges from 33% to 40%, or even higher if the case goes to trial. The person you’re working with follows industry standards as long as it falls within this range. In addition to explaining the fee structure, your lawyer should provide a fee agreement. A contingency fee is one of many charges you will be responsible for. You may also have out-of-pocket expenses.

Has a Communication Schedule

Settling or going to court in motorcycle accident cases can take a long time. Please communicate with the attorney about their communication schedule. Your attorney should keep you updated on the progress of your case every few weeks. You should also contact the attorney quickly if you have any questions. Their office must be set up in a way that facilitates communication.

Best motorcycle accident lawyer near me

1. Online directories: These sites allow you to search for motorcycle accident lawyers by location and practice area, such as Avvo, Justia, and Nolo.

2. Local lawyer associations: Each state has a trial lawyer association that can refer you to motorcycle accident lawyers in your area.

3. Referral services: Your local bar association may have a referral service that connects you with a qualified motorcycle accident lawyer.

4. Google search: If you want to find motorcycle accident attorneys near you, you can use a search engine by searching for “best motorcycle accident attorneys near me” or “motorcycle accident attorneys in [city name].”

In addition, you may get recommendations from friends or family members and a local motorcyclist association. When choosing a lawyer, it’s essential to remember that location is not the only factor to consider. Experience and track record are also necessary, so research the attorney’s qualifications and track record, even if they’re located elsewhere.

Best Motorcycle Accident Lawyer in the USA

There is no easy way to determine the best motorcycle accident lawyer in the USA since the best lawyer for you will depend on the specific details of your case, your location, and your personal preferences. However, some reputable and experienced motorcycle accident lawyers in the USA are known for their work. 

1. Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorneys: They have a team of experienced motorcycle accident attorneys who obtain fair compensation for their clients.

2. The Motorcycle Lawyer: As motorcycle accident lawyers, they are known for their dedication to their clients.  

3. The Law Office of John Day: Known for their reputation as tough negotiators and litigators, they handle motorcycle accident cases with experience.

4. The Law Office of Gary Martin Hays & Associates: Attorneys at this law firm have extensive experience handling motorcycle accident cases and are well known for obtaining fair compensation for their clients. 

5. The Law Office of Brian Kent: The firm’s attorneys have considerable experience handling motorcycle accident cases and are known for their ability to obtain fair compensation. 

These are just a few examples, so you must research and compare different lawyers and law firms to find the best one.

Best Motorcycle Accident Lawyer in San Francisco

In San Francisco, many lawyers specialize in motorcycle accidents. Lawyers who specialize in motorcycle accidents in San Francisco include: 

1. In the Law Offices of James Chrisp, the firm has a team of experienced motorcycle accident attorneys with a history of obtaining substantial settlements and verdicts.

2. Motorcycle accident attorneys at the Law Offices of Michael A. Fiumara have extensive experience handling motorcycle accident cases and have a reputation for obtaining favourable client results.

3. Attorneys at Freeman, Freeman & Smiley LLP specialize in motorcycle accident cases and have a reputation for achieving fair compensation for their clients.

4. Known for their attention and attention to detail, Daniel H. Rose Law Offices is a law firm with experienced attorneys who handle motorcycle accident cases.

5. Scott Righthand, P.C., is a motorcycle accident law firm with over 20 years of experience and a reputation for obtaining fair compensation.

Research the motorcycle accident lawyer’s qualifications and track record, schedule a consultation, and feel comfortable with them before hiring them.

Which Is the Best Motorcycle Accident Lawyer?

Hiring the right motorcycle accident lawyer is essential if you want to win your case. Some attorneys better serve your case than others. A good fit and feeling comfortable and confident working with them are also essential. 

Learn what qualities make a good motorcycle accident lawyer. 

Motorcycle Accident Claim Experience

Personal injury lawyers usually specialize in motorcycle accidents. All legal cases in which an individual has been injured due to another person’s negligence fall under this category. A motorcycle accident lawyer you choose should have extensive experience handling motorcycle accident cases if you want to hire the best. Your case may not be helped if you choose a broader “personal injury lawyer” without specialized motorcycle accident experience. 


The reputation of motorcycle riders as laid back is often undeserved. Nevertheless, you should feel comfortable trusting your motorcycle accident lawyer if they give off an air of professionalism. If you are involved in a motorcycle accident, you should take your case seriously, and your lawyer should do the same. Consider another lawyer if the attorney you’re considering seems unprofessional or casual. 


Some personal injury attorneys lose any sense of compassion for their clients because they are so focused on their work. Although your motorcycle accident was likely traumatic and stressful for you, your lawyer should offer at least some sympathy during this challenging time. Read More

Compassionate attorneys will go above and beyond to ensure you feel comfortable throughout your motorcycle accident case. Additionally, they will take on as much responsibility for your claim as possible, so you can focus on recovering.  The reviews and testimonials of past clients can usually give you an idea of the attorney’s compassion. Meeting with them can also determine the right motorcycle accident lawyer for your case. 

Adequate Licenses

The state of your residence requires personal injury attorneys to obtain specific licenses. When searching for one, you work with an attorney with the proper permissions to practice in your area. Qualifications are typically listed on an attorney’s website, often under “About Us.”. Make sure to ask during your initial consultation if you are still looking for this information. 

Trial Experience

Bringing cases to trial is something only some personal injury attorneys have experience with. Clients can often settle these cases without going to court when they hire an attorney. The at-fault driver’s insurance company may refuse to negotiate, so you may have to sue for adequate compensation. 

Therefore, hiring a trial attorney with plenty of experience is best. Hiring a civil litigation lawyer with experience navigating court proceedings, presenting evidence to the judge, and improving your chances of obtaining compensation is essential. 


The cost of hiring a motorcycle accident attorney should stay within your budget. You hire an attorney to maximize your compensation from your accident claim.  It is common for accident attorneys to only charge you if they win your case. A lawyer’s fees should always be clarified before you hire them, regardless of whether you hire them for a legal claim. 

We can provide you with a motorcycle attorney who ticks all these boxes. We at Law Tigers work with some of the best motorcycle accident attorneys in the industry.

Is It Worth Hiring a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer. It goes without saying that if you are not injured, don’t have any damage to your motorcycle, and don’t have any other reason to pursue a claim. You shouldn’t require the services of a motorcycle accident lawyer. Even minimal-appearing injuries may need you to hire a motorcycle accident lawyer because your finances and quality of life may be affected. Suppose your injury impacts your ability to work several years down the road, even if you are ready to return to work now.

Being a former defence attorney for one of the nation’s largest insurance companies, I know how they minimize the impact of accidents on your finances and daily life and try to pay you as little as possible. Motorcycle accident attorneys are primarily responsible for fighting the insurance companies to ensure your injuries and damages are treated seriously so you are fully compensated, considering how your injury may affect your life for years, not just weeks. Unless you have an experienced attorney representing you, the insurance company and adjuster have complete control over your case. Doing it yourself is not a good idea.

What percentage do most injury lawyers take?

Most injury lawyers take a percentage of the recovery in personal injury cases as a contingency fee. Lawyers receive contingency fees based on the total settlement or award they receive if they win or settle the matter. There can be some variation in the percentage, but it usually falls between 33% and 40%.

Also, most lawyers charge a different percentage based on the complexity of the case, their experience, and their location. To ensure you know what you will be paying, you should discuss the fees and expenses with a lawyer before hiring them.

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