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Linkedin Sales Navigator: How to Generate Leads?

Sales Navigator enables virtual selling by allowing sales professionals to build relationships with their buyers at scale. For modern B2B sales teams, the Sales Navigator is designed as a centerpiece and fixture, integrated with other sales technologies (such as CRMs).

There is no better version of LinkedIn for sales professionals than Sales Navigator. You can find the right decision-maker at the right time using its powerful search capabilities, enhanced visibility into extended networks, and personalized algorithms.

What Does Sales Navigator Do?

Sales Navigator helps sales professionals succeed at three of the most critical functions in their field.

  • Target: Find out who your target market is and how your product or service might benefit them.
  • Understand: Keep an eye on crucial developments at target accounts to take advantage of opportunities when they arise, such as the changes in decision makers’ jobs or indications of buyers’ intent.
  • Engage prospects while leveraging LinkedIn’s messaging and content-sharing capabilities in a ready-to-do-business environment.

Putting the buyer first and having virtual interactions are the norm in the new selling era. Sales Navigator equips salespeople to lead with insight, differentiate, and build relationships that drive customer acquisition. 

LinkedIn Sales Navigator Features for Lead Generation

A consistent lead generation strategy is crucial for your sales success if you are in sales. Look no further than LinkedIn Sales Navigator if you want an excellent lead generation tool.  The Sales Navigator is a tool designed exclusively for sales professionals. You can connect with potential customers and clients using advanced search features.  Using Sales Navigator, you can identify potential leads, get introductions to those leads, and view detailed profiles of those leads. It is precious to have all of these features to generate new business.

Lead Builder Searches

With LinkedIn Sales Navigator’s Lead Builder, you can find potential leads that match your criteria quickly and easily. In Lead Builder, enter the details of the type of Lead you seek (location, industry, title, etc.), and LinkedIn will take care of the rest. Additionally, you can save your Lead Builder searches for rerunning later to find the results you’re looking for quickly.

Lead Recommendations

LinkedIn Sales Navigator’s lead recommendations feature another innovative feature. As a result of your profile and search history, LinkedIn will suggest potential leads who may be interested in what you offer. Many criteria can be used to filter these recommendations, including location, industry, title, etc.

Advanced Search Filters

LinkedIn Sales Navigator also offers advanced search filters to refine your results further. Among other things, you can filter your results based on whether someone has recently changed jobs or if they are currently open to new opportunities. Furthermore, if you use advanced filters, you can save your searches for later reruns.


To generate leads on LinkedIn, you need to know what is working and what isn’t. The LinkedIn Sales Navigator provides detailed analytics showing how your profile and content are performing with potential leads. Click Here

 InMail Messaging

On LinkedIn, InMail is a messaging feature that lets users communicate with other users even if they aren’t connected. Compared to InMail’s free version, LinkedIn Sales Navigator users benefit from higher delivery rates and more message credits. Your profile can show how many people view it, how often your articles are shared, and which keywords drive traffic. 

Account Alerts

With Sales Navigator’s account alerts feature, you can keep track of job changes, news, and other relevant updates regarding your target accounts. Professionals can make informed decisions based on current information about their accounts.


The TeamLink feature of Sales Navigator enables sales professionals to reach out to potential leads through their team network. This feature highlights which team members have connections with specific leaders, making it easier to connect with them.

What are the benefits of a LinkedIn sales navigator?

Below are some of the benefits you can look forward to when using LinkedIn Sales Navigator with Alfred:

  • Professionals with a broader network. LinkedIn’s LNS provides access to every professional in the company’s global network. With unlimited searches, the possibilities are endless for your LinkedIn sales solutions.
  • They have advanced search parameters: Make your LNS and Alfred work for you by customizing your settings. Leads can be specified based on region, industry, function, or seniority level. The charges you receive (for sales and jobs) are of higher quality and arrive faster!
  • Deeper and more personalized communication. Combining LinkedIn’s messaging tool with Alfred’s automation features lets you make a great first impression on your prospects with quick, customized conversations.
  • Track your potential employees and clients. You will receive real-time alerts and updates about your most promising accounts. Additionally, you can create Custom Lists and record notes that can be shared across your marketing or sales team.

How do I set up a sales navigator on LinkedIn?

Log in to LinkedIn Sales Navigator once you have been given access via email and start enjoying its benefits. To use Alfred, you’ll need to log in and set up the LNS and your settings so that Alfred can focus on the tasks you need help with. There are two components to the Alfred platform: the dashboard on our website that allows you to create, manage, and monitor campaigns and the cloud-based application where campaigns are run. Here is a quick overview of Alfred’s four sessions:

  • This platform requires only a single login session and displays all the pertinent information about linked LinkedIn accounts.
  • During our campaign session, Alfred engages your connections and contacts prospects.
  • As part of the data-gathering session, new connection requests and contact data are checked and synchronized (depending on your LinkedIn subscription plan).
  • Our bot will verify messages sent and send follow-up messages if necessary during the checking session.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator Pros

With LinkedIn Sales Navigator, you can find the right people quickly and connect with them. It also provides valuable insights into your connections. 

LinkedIn Sales Navigator has the following three advantages:

Build Targeted Lists Of Prospects

LinkedIn Sales Navigator allows you to create targeted lists of prospects based on your criteria, which is one of its best features. You can search for opportunities by location, industry, position, and company size. Moreover, you can also save your searches and create alerts to be notified when new prospects match your criteria.

Quickly Find The Right Contact Information

Once you’ve built a list of potential clients, LinkedIn Sales Navigator makes finding their contact information a breeze. If they’ve made their email address and phone number public, you can access their contact information by clicking on their profile. 

Valuable Insights Into Your Connections

You can also gain valuable insights into your connections using LinkedIn Sales Navigator. This feature lets you see how you are connected to a particular prospect and how many contacts you have in the 2nd and 3rd degrees.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator Cons

A LinkedIn Sales Navigator tool helps salespeople improve their outreach efficiency and effectiveness. In addition to contact information, LinkedIn users can also access profile information, engagement information, and other LinkedIn data. 

Despite being a great tool, it could be better. LinkedIn Sales Navigator has the following three drawbacks:

Lack of Transparency Around Pricing

The first con of LinkedIn Sales Navigator is its need for more transparency regarding pricing. Users must request a demo to find the price of LinkedIn Sales Navigator because LinkedIn doesn’t list it on its website. Potential customers can see this lack of transparency frustrating if they want to know the price before they schedule a demo.

Furthermore, LinkedIn Sales Navigator is costly. Discounts are available only if you sign up for an annual contract, and the pricing starts at $79 per month. Many salespeople find LinkedIn’s free version more convenient than the paid version.

Complex User Interface

Its complex user interface is another disadvantage of Sales Navigator. Power users who use LinkedIn’s search features will be comfortable with the interface. Users who are unfamiliar with the interface may need help navigating. On LinkedIn, this learning curve may encourage salespeople to look for quick and easy leads.

Limited Number Of Searches Per Month

The number of searches a LinkedIn Sales Navigator user can perform each month is limited. Your subscription level determines how many searches you get; lower-priced plans provide fewer searches than higher-priced plans. LinkedIn’s monthly search limit can pose a challenge for salespeople who rely heavily on the platform for lead generation.

Alternatives to LinkedIn Sales Navigator

  • Consider UpLead if you’re looking for an affordable lead generation tool to replace the Navigator.
  • UpLead is a sales and marketing tool that helps identify and contact high-potential prospects. Since 2017, UpLead has been used by some of the world’s most prestigious and reputable companies, including Dropbox, HubSpot, Salesforce, and Accenture.
  • Even though its pricing is similar, you get more bang for your buck with UpLead than with Sales Navigator.
  • What is the reason for this? To send a message to someone you aren’t already “Connected” with on LinkedIn, you must use InMail.
  • Say you pay a monthly fee for Professional Sales Navigator. This option allows you to send up to 20 InMail messages monthly for $79.99. The cost per message is $4.
  • According to UpLead, a Basic plan (also $79 per month) comes with 200 credits per month that can be used to unlock 200 emails.
  • The emails are verified in real-time (right before you download them), so you can rest assured they are accurate. When you do the math, the cost of this message is 10x cheaper than that of Sales Navigator.
  • The bottom line? It is possible to achieve the same goals with Sales Navigator and UpLead, but UpLead is more cost-effective. See what UpLead has to offer before deciding between the two!

Tips for success with LinkedIn Sales Navigator

To make LinkedIn Sales Navigator work for you, follow these tips:

Set realistic goals

With Sales Navigator, you can set realistic sales goals. Maintaining motivation and measuring your progress will be easier if you do this.

Stay organized

By saving searches and leads in Sales Navigator, you can stay organized. As a result, it will be easier for you to find relevant information when you need it.

Personalize your outreach

You are more likely to receive a response if you personalize your outreach. You can use Sales Navigator’s features to gather information about your leads and tailor your message accordingly.

Build relationships

Rather than simply selling to your leads, build relationships with them. Establishing trust will increase the likelihood of a sale.

Stay up-to-date

Keeping up with industry news and trends will ensure you provide your leads with relevant information.


LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a powerful tool for B2B sales professionals who want to generate leads, build relationships, and close deals. Sales Navigator provides a range of features to help sales professionals streamline their sales process, including advanced search features, personalized recommendations, and account alerts. The tips outlined in this article will help sales professionals maximize their success with Sales Navigator and achieve their sales goals.

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